Hi, I'm Charlotte (just in case that wasn't clear already) if you've decided to click on to this page I'm guessing it means that you would like to know more about the girl behind the camera, so I'll give it my best shot!


I have lived on a farm in the beautiful area of Weardale in County Durham all my life and enjoy being outside working very much, this is the main reason why the vast majority of my artwork and photographs are related to all things rural, so if you can't find me in my studio I'd advise you to look in one of our sheds.

I love to walk, so where ever I go I will always bring my camera along too; I tend to find that my best photographs are taken when I've been walking, mainly because there's nothing to scare away my subjects, apart from myself of course. I am at the peak of happiness when I'm painting, it's just finding the picture to paint in the first place which is the tricky part! 

Where education is concerned, I left school after my first year of 6th form where I studied art and photography to set up as an Artist & Photographer and I've never been happier. They say do what you love so that's exactly what I'm doing!

Who, Me?

Charlotte x

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Email me - Charlotte@cpeart-art.co.uk.                                                                   Stanhope, Durham, United Kingdom

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